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Hi Nida!

Nida Syed is leading her team of engineers in developing the tech platform enabling us to connect and monitor thousands of vehicles. As our Engineering Manager, she’s instrumental in exploring and developing new ways to identify and prevent accidents.

Photo of Voi's Engineering Manager Nida Syed

The Internet of Things (IoT) is essential for shared micromobility. Why is this the case?

IoT is a key enabler, providing real-time data and insights into our vehicles and the rides taken on them. This not only helps us optimise operations but also enhances rider safety and enhances user experience.  

With the goal of a seamless user experience for our riders, IoT makes it possible for users to avail of our service directly through the mobile app, with real-time information about vehicle availability and location.

How can all those vehicle sensors be leveraged to improve micromobility safety?

The vehicle and IoT sensors can detect and report any issues with the vehicle in real-time, enabling us to take swift actions, allowing for predictive maintenance and reducing downtime. This allows rider safety and prevents potential accidents which could be caused by faulty vehicles.

Today we already use the sensors for essential safety features such as speed limit enforcement, geofencing and rider behaviour monitoring. With more advanced sensors, we will open up opportunities such as collision avoidance and blind spot detection.

The micromobility industry is still male-dominated, especially in engineering. What’s your experience working in this field?

Gender imbalance is the hard truth we are living with today. Over the years, I have grown almost accustomed to this, which is not necessarily a good thing. In practice, this means fewer role models and mentors I could look up to, leading to self-doubt and imposter syndrome.

More than ever, it is necessary to encourage and empower women to pursue education and a career in engineering. The products we build cater to a wide range of users. Therefore we need to bring diversity to the teams building these products. Diverse teams bring a spectrum of perspectives, experiences and ideas to the table.

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